Wanna play Pinball in the GTA?

We've got Pinball!!!

The Church of

the Silver Ball

Pinball is our Religion!


Welcome to the world famous

Church of the Silver Ball Pinball Museum.


Rule #1:  Its NOT really a church.  We just looooooove pinball.  New pinball.  Old Pinball.  All Pinball. 

But we don’t like Disco.

Rule #2.  I'ts not really a Museum either.  Its a grouping of Pinball Machines from 1930's till present day.

There are many common machines and also a bunch of rare games. Unlike a Museum, you can play most of our machines.  Treat them with respect. 


We open by appointment or by chance. 

(Your chances will improve immensely if you have an appointment!)

We also open specific Fridays and Saturdays each month.  We call it “Pinball Faith”.  We charge $20 per person for 4 hours of play.  No quarters needed.  Spaces limited.

We post the dates here:

Pinball Faith Dates for June 2017:


We are open:


All friday and Saturdays except June 3rd!

$20 per person (cash/interact email transfer)

We now take Visa/MC/AMEX.


Pinball Faith runs from 8 pm - midnight


Email us to reserve your spots.

Price is $20 per person for 4 hours of play.  No quarters needed.  :-)



If you are interested in another time, it may be possible, email us to ask!  thechurchofthesilverball@hotmail.com



We ran tournaments for 8 or 9 years, before we moved.  We just held our most recent event and have3 decided to do some monthly.  next event: April 29th.



Games for Sale

We have the following for sale:

Midway "Flash Baseball".  Great condition. Has 8-track, sound works great.  $ 800.




Gottlieb's "Gypsy Queen".  Classic 1950's Woodrail.   Has brand new backglass.   Reduced to $1000! -sold!

1962 "Skee-ball" lane $1500.  Works great.  Has been restored.  All-mechanical.

Premier "Bell Ringer" and "Nudge IT".  Two redemption pinball games.


1962 Rock-ola Jukebox.  Works great. Plays 45's.  Comes with 5 records.  $1800


1960's Chicago Coin "Prestige" shuffle alley.  Groovy 60's artwork.  6 players. Uses a shuffle puck.  $2599.

More arriving all the time!

Fix.  We fix games.  Email us to discuss.


Sell. We sell games.  Selection varies, email to inquire.


House Calls.   We do house calls.  



Buy.  We buy games.  Let us know what you have.


RENT Our Showroom.

Wanna plan a get together here?  We rent out the facilities.  $300 for 3 hours, 30 people max.  16 machines set on free play.



The Church has a new home at 245 Matheson Boulevard East,

Unit 14 in Mississauga!!!!!

The new space includes a beautiful showroom for 20 machines, with room for another 30 machines down the road.

Watch for details!


If you want to be on our mailing list, click here.



The Scouts have returned!!!!

Scout Leaders, contact us for info about bringing your troup!



"I Flipped Out!  Good Thing I Was At The Church of the Silver Ball." 

Pinball is our Passion!